Essay on The Shortage Of The Nursing Shortage

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This paper explores the nursing shortage in the past, present and future contributors to an epidemic of the nursing shortage that affects the health care system. These factors will include the aging workforce, increase in longevity of people, insufficient resources
Nursing Shortage, Consequences, and Solutions
The Nursing Profession has been experiencing shortages for many years. The pattern seems to be repetitive, high demand for nurses followed by phases of downsizing with a surplus of nurses. The earlier years of the nursing shortage were short compared to today’s current nursing shortage. The nursing shortage exist globally in all nursing areas. There are several factors that are cause the nursing shortage of today as well in years past. The nursing shortage began in the 1940’s during the World War II and has not changed over many decades. Predominantly females staffed the nursing field until the 1980-1990’s era. That is when the nursing profession was regarded as a less attractive career as other professions opened up to women that were once ruled by males. Between the 1990-2000’s, the shortage of nurses was a result of the implementation of managed care. The government and private insurer reimbursements declined and healthcare cost dramatically increased. In order to offset health care cost, hospital’s and healthcare corporations begin downsizing to manage budgets. The nursing shortage of today is considered plentiful and complex (Huston, 2014).

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