The Shortage Of Staff Shortage Essay

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1. Staff shortage is one of the biggest issues in many health care organizations in the united states. It has a direct relationship with the poor patient outcomes and unstable health care system. In our department as we all noticed that every month we have to provide orientation to the new nurses and other health care providers, which has a negative impact on the health status of patients. Old staffs are more experienced than new staffs so they have better skills and knowledge to deal with health care challenges so it is most crucial to minimize the shortage of staffs. Another issue in the health care setting is poor job satisfaction resulting high turnover rate among health care workers, which is destructive to nursing and patient outcomes (Ascgid& Belachaw, 2014).
Both the shortage of staff and increased turnover rate related to poor job satisfaction lower the productivity and costly to the organization. Job stress, increased workload, and poor job satisfaction contribute to poor clinical judgement, physical and mental distress among staff, which put the patients in danger (Ascgid&Belachaw, 2014). This paper will discuss about the staff shortage and poor job satisfaction rate resulting turnover.
Impact Of Issue On The Department
Staff shortage and poor job satisfaction resulting increase turnover rate among health care workers is very high in my department, which has adverse effects on the other health care workers and the quality of patient care and outcomes. A quality of…

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