Essay on The Shortage Of South Africa

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Everyday about 30,000 children die from contaminated water. The lack of fresh water in South Africa has been the reason of most diseases in Africa for many children. There are many reasons why the lack of fresh water crisis in growing in South Africa. The water scarcity is affected by many things like pollution, the growing population, climate change and at global changes. The lack of fresh water has left South Africa in a major water surplus since 2000, one solution to this problem is the MIYA organization.
One of the main attributes to the lack of South Africa 's clean water are the physical and commercial changes. The land that South Africa utilizes has a variety of impacts on water sources. The destruction of the riverine environments is a major part to this problem because of the fact that most fresh water could be found in the riverines. Secondly, farmers need improved farming methods and a greater understanding of how to enrich the soil and water and how water affects the crops. If farmers don’t have the proper land management it could push the consequences of the water supply to vulnerability. Another part of the land management problem is the fact that South Africa is semi-arid, which means they receive precipitation under the average amount. The average amount of rainfall is 1.6 inches a year. As much as physical changes can have a big toll on the lacking of clean water. One commercial change that affects access to clean water is improper billing and water theft…

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