The Short Story By Richard Rodriguez Essays

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The short story by Richard Rodriguez is a narrative that surrounds and explains the struggles of a young boy growing up in a nonnative home. Rodriguez is a prospering and growing student but there are some struggles he has along the way. His parents are not English speakers and never had too much of an education. As a boy Rodriguez loved school, he loved to read, from a young age he tried very hard to get good grades and further his education. His home life and school life were very different, the home was very busy and loud, but at school it was much more conformed. He felt that he fit in more at school. In the essay Rodriguez experiences tensions between the native or common sense knowledge of his parents and the ‘book smarts’ or educational knowledge that he experiences at school. There was a lot of tension put onto Rodriguez’s family life; his parents were immigrants that knew little English making his home life a lot different that his life in school. Although in the end he is a celebrated scholar Rodriquez writes, “The boy who first entered a classroom barely able to speak English, twenty years later concluded his studies in the stately quiet of the reading room in the British Museum.” (Rodriguez 16). This helps explain how his home life is much different than his school life, his ambition for learning and school has shaped the way he is today. Throughout the essay he explains that he had points in his life where he was embarrassed of his parents, he even resented…

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