The Short And Happy Life Of Francis Macomber Essay

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The Short and Happy Life of Francis Macomber Hemingway’s short story “The Short and Happy Life of Francis Macomber” features three characters, a sordid affair and a dirty deed. Francis Macomber, a handsome and wealthy American who brings his wife, Margot Macomber, on an African Safari. Francis is a very unhappy man because of his cowardice after wounding a lion while hunting. His wife Margot is beautiful, manipulative and promiscuous. Margot has no problem flaunting her promiscuity in front of her husband. The third party in this story is Robert Wilson, a professional hunter and womanizer. He enjoys the hunt and does not shy away from the violence of it. He is more than willing to get his hands dirty. Wilson is a manly man and the direct opposite of Francis Macomber. Hemingway’s story gives us a view into the controlling nature of humans through the relationship of Francis and Margot Macomber. In the beginning of the story Francis Macomber is being carried in on the shoulders of the natives after hunting lion. Francis, his wife Margot and their guild Wilson sit around a table drinking gimlets. They are all pretended that nothing had happened that day. (Hemingway, Pg. 1) Francis is a handsome man, tall, fit, and he had just showed his cowardice to everyone. He had ran after wounding a lion and had left it to Wilson to dispatch it. Francis just cannot get it out of his head. This was not only an embarrassment to Francis but also to his wife Margot. (Hemingway, Pg.1) We…

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