The Shootings And Its Effects On Tourists Essay

768 Words Dec 17th, 2015 4 Pages
The shootings had a tremendous negative impact on some tourist visitors coming to Tunisia on their holidays. Tour operator 's such as Thomas Cook have begun to market Tunisia differently to potential visitors after the attacks and have been offering holidays to Tunisia to the public with up to a 50% discount, desperately trying not to lose valuable customers (Thornhill, 2015). Tunisia has recently launched new tourism campaigns using clever puns with an aim to attract holidaymakers back to their country by using humour about their recent revolution, include the slogans "They say that in Tunisia some people receive heavy-handed treatment". This ad is now prominently placed on the side of some London buses. Paris ' Metro received similar treatment with a smug advertisement playing on the post-revolution devastation and the country 's archaeological sites; yes, Tunisia is "nothing but ruins", referring to the country 's heritage, as well as the recent disaster that had happened (Lipschutz, 2011).
However, it is not just Tunisia that has been affected by terrorist groups, such as ISIS. Notably, North African countries, including Syria, Libya and other well-known tourist destinations such as Egypt, Turkey and even European countries such as Greece have been subjected to terrorism too. Since the shootings, Tunisia has begun to take serious measures to heighten the security of their country. A fortified security fence has started to be erected by the Tunisian government along the…

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