The Shoestrings Players Presented The Play ' Othello ' Essay example

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Othello play
The shoestrings players presented the play called Othello October 1, 2015 in the HPAC building at Usc Upstate. The director of the play was Lee Heibert he was also the fight choreographer, Barry Whitefield was the technical designer. Rich Robinson was the set/lighting designer. Stephanie Ibbotson was the sound designer, and Anthony Gregory along with Cody Kelien was the assistant lighting designer.
At the beginning of the play there is a huge dispute in the City of Venice between Othello and Brabantio regarding Desdemona who is the daughter of Brabantio. Roderigo informed Brabantio that his daughter was kidnapped and had been married off to Othello; however, Othello informs him that she was not kidnapped and he did not force a marriage upon her, he simply won her over. After their dispute Othello was called to go to the town of Cyprus to help fight against the Turks, and Desdemona accompanies him. Othello and Desdemona traveled on different ships to Cyprus and Desdemona’s ship arrived to shore before Othello’s.
When they arrived Cassio greeted Desdemona and clasped her hand. Iago sees this and says that he will use this to his advantage to hurt Othello and get Cassio out of the way. Iagos plan of unfaithfulness was very successful especially when he was able to get Desdemona’s handkerchief that he later put in Cassio’s possession, which gave further evidence to Othello that his wife was having an affair. Iago poisons Othello’s mind with false accusations which…

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