The Shift Between Traditional and Modern Society Essay

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Shift Between Traditional and Modern Society
From the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century till the present day, the shift between tradition and modernity has developed incredibly. The relationship between traditional and modern society, also known as ‘Mass society,’ is distinguished between the past and present, along with continuity and change. The establishment of different inventions and customs from traditional society have been handed down from generations to generations, which help shape modern society. However, one may wonder, what are the main features from traditional society that have made a dramatic impact for life today? Also, is one more sympathetic to one society, than the other? Traditional and modern families have
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Campbell also believed that the “intrinsic principles of honour refer to two sex-linked qualities that distinguish the ideal moral characters of men and women: these are the manliness of men, and the sexual shame of women.” The idea of manliness implies that, a man must show himself to be courageous and fearless, since he is the sole protector/defender for his wife and children. As for the quality of a woman, in relation to her honour, is sexual shame. Women had to be virgins until they were married, in both there thought and expressions. A women who was seen to have failed, was seen as “shameless and a bitch, a woman without restraint, who’s behaviour was compounded of the reflexes of her animal instincts.” (Campbell, 270) For example, children had to be tall, slim, agile and tough. Any kind of physical deformity with a child was fatal to the family’s reputation. Thus, any individual who had failed to protect their honour, had marked with them dishonour to all those in their family and would typically be killed.
Consequently, in modern society today, a person who behaves wrongly does not affect the status of their whole family, but rather affects their own honour. Each individual today has to take the responsibility of their own actions, which will in turn result in an effect in how people view them as an individual in society rather than how the family is treated. Through Edward Shils reading, “The

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