Essay on The, Sherman, And Brown

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Domenech, Sherman, and Brown (2016) begin by introducing the possibility of transforming education. They give examples of personalization in many areas of our everyday life. Department stores have personal shoppers, hotels stress the importance of personalized service, and health care/treatment plans tailor to the specific needs of the patient. Our world has become personalized in many ways and yet our 21st century classroom has changed very little since the Industrial Revolution. According to Domenech et al. (2016), the plan for transformation began with a trip to Dayton, Ohio. They visited the Wright-Patterson Air Museum in Dayton, Ohio and discussed the changes in flight over the years. During the visit, they had the opportunity to visit a one-room schoolhouse in Dayton from the Wright Brothers’ time. The room had rows of desks facing the teacher’s desk. There were shelves of books, and charts and maps hung on the walls. Domenech et al. (2016) came to a disturbing realization as they stood in this classroom. The only difference between this room and most modern classrooms were a few computers. Domenech et al. (2016) stated: “Although the advances in air travel over a 90-year period had been truly dramatic, a classroom today is not remarkably different from what it looked like at the beginning of the twentieth century. Indeed, our education system today is still tied to an agrarian calendar, we still follow a grade-level structure that dates back to the…

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