The Sheriff 's Office Or City Hall? Essay

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Ivory’s eyes gleamed at the chance of a bet. “Make it two hundred.” A smirk spread across her face as she flipped through the pages of the report, after a few minutes she grabbed my notes and read over them. “So, this is what you have gathered from what?”

“Coroners ' notes, research, theories, Police report, you know just wrote down my thoughts about it all.” I answered, approaching the table, I flipped through a few pages and handed her a folder. “See here, uh… some research on the property and no deaths till a few days ago.”

“Has that been confirmed from the Sheriff’s office or City Hall?” She questioned,

“I didn’t get here till nine and I was up to one thirty, you’d think that I’d be calling the Sheriff in the middle of the night to talk about a case? No, this all theories.” I snapped, my jaws tightened at the feeling of my headache returning.

“Need a Snickers?” Ivory teased,

I rolled my eyes at her response, “No.” I admitted, grabbing my shoes from my bag.

“Well, I’m gonna read over these again.”

“You do that and I’ll go take a walk.” I said tying my shoes,

“Don’t stay out long, Mav might be back soon.” She implied,

“Yea, see ya in a few.” I mumbled, snatching my jacket and wallet before stepping out of the room. The cold air hit my face as I turned around and wandered down the hall. I stood at the entrance and looked at the beautiful mountains that surrounded us. After a few minutes of walking, I stepped inside a small diner and the old nostalgic vibes gave…

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