The Sheriff Of Gila County Essay

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The Sheriff of Gila County received a phone complaint from Mrs. Cook a neighbor of the Gault family about a telephone call made to her in which the caller or callers made lewd or indecent remarks. Based on this complaint on Monday, June 8, 1964, at about 10 A.M., the Sheriff of Gila County took Gerald Francis Gault and a friend, Ronald Lewis, into custody while his parents were at work. No notice that Gerald had been taken into custody was left at the home and no attempt was made to call either parent at work or at home later in the afternoon. Gerald who was on probation for being with a young man who was in possession of a stolen wallet was taken directly to a detention home. Gerald was not provided specific notice of the charges against him. He was not told of his right to remain silent. He was not advised of, or extended, his right to counsel and he was not allowed a phone call. Gerald’s mother did not find out her son had been arrested until after 6:00 pm that night at which time she and her older son went to the detention home and were verbally informed by Officer Flagg that Gerald was in custody and would have a hearing the next day.
The next day before the hearing Officer Flagg filed the petition against Gerald which did not list the reason for him being taken into custody it just stated that he was a delinquent minor and sked for a hearing about his care and custody. Then Officer Flagg executed a formal affidavit in support of his own petition. Neither…

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