Essay on The Sheep Pig By Dick Smith

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The Sheep Pig – By Dick Smith
The idea and concept behind the Sheep Pig is about an unwanted pig who is adopted into a farming family, with dogs and other animals soon to become its friends. What is focused about the adaptation between the movie and the book, is that the central character, Babe, is involved with conflict of not only its kind, but with human beings. It speaks in a third person as read so that it can be read out aloud to a class or for a parent to read to a child. Not only is Babe the centre of attention and the main focus, but the Farmer Hogget creates the story. Without Farmer Hogget bringing Babe into the farming family, a different approach and story line could have been created. An example that Farmer Hogget could have chosen another animal, and not a pig. As the book is written in 1983 by an American author, the author has tried their best to convey the set of England throughout the imagery and scenery that we are meant to be imagine. However, when going back to the way they speak, it may be difficult for a child of nine/ten year olds who may not be able to categorise or understand why they are speaking in that manner. The plot is simple enough to understand without making it overdramatic or unrealistic. In a sense, the plot could be considered a real life story, as there are animals around the world who have adapted the styles and ways of other animals and are no longer considered to be that creature. E.g. a cat who acts like a dog, or a bird that…

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