Essay about The Shape Of Things : Society 's Gender Norms

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The Shape of Things: Society 's Gender Norms
Men, in modern day society, put a tremendous amount of pressure on women to act like housewives and independent sexual beings at the same time. Women are also not innocent. They also create stereotypes for men. In modern day society the perfect man has the manners of a gentlemen but is also a player. Both of these expectations have gender norms that are outrageous, but are still searched for by many men and women. Within “The Shape Of Things” by Neil LaBute, the main characters all fit one of these characteristics. Jenny represents a housewife, Evelyn is an independent sexual being, Adam is a gentlemen, and Phillip has characteristics of a player. “The Shape of Things” clearly demonstrates society’s gender roles through the traits and qualities that the define the characters.
Society views that men should be dominant and women should be submissive. This view reverses when talking about sexuality. Women are dominant in sexuality, but not in the act of sex. Women can control men with their sexuality. Evelyn shows this throughout the entire play. In the beginning of the play, Adam is not a very sexual person, is not used to having a women sexual attracted to him so he is taken back by Evelyn 's actions. Adam shows how uncomfortable he is when he comments on showing too much “PDA” or public display of affection, but within the scene Evalyn pushes her sexuality on him so much he gets a little more comfortable with himself. (page 11)…

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