The Shadowy Lines That Still Divide Essay

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What are Janny Scott David Leonhardt trying to tell us about social class in “The Shadowy Lines That Still Divide”?

In the article “The Shadowy Lines That Still Divide” by Janny Scott and David Leonhard, that author discuss how people feel about social class and why they has to go through to get what they want in life. That author shows how each people express them self for not having that same rights like others people have, only because they are in a higher-class level and they are not. The majority of the time and even in this day social class has been a big matter for much of the people in the United Stated or others countries. Also that author illustrate how most of the people of the lower class prefer to work more than unusual to get recognize as somebody in the society. Don’t matter what kind of social class you have we all deserve to have that same equality to become one American dream.

However, the Lower class believed that they deserve the same rights like everybody else. According to the article, “The rich get preferential treatment where they don’t have to pay for things”. This means that the rich people always ending getting better things than the others. This is why most of the lower class felt disappoint for not having what they should have. This is why Social class has always been a problem for many countries, because now it’s hard to tell what kind for class level are you. That now is call, “Social diversity” this means that people were recognize for…

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