Essay on The Shadow Self By Carl Jung

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When a light is shine to a person, people can him or her clearly. You cannot hide anything, but look behind and a shadow is standing right behind. The shadow self or known in psychology as the personal shadow is an assertion that everybody has another personality deep within them. First formulated by Carl Jung. It has been developed by his followers, some of them are Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams. The shadow self is a personality hidden to the outside world, either by design of the person or by chance. Zweig and Abrams theorize that for people to fully know who they are, and for them to understand the world around them, one should be in touch with his or her shadow self. They explain that a way a person can see his or her shadow self is by means of their dreams. Dreams can be used as a window to peek inside one’s self to see the other dimensions he or she has. Zweig and Abrams’ assertion of dreams as a way to access the shadow self is valid because dreams are a way for the psyche to connect the unconscious self. The shadow self of an individual is another persona that has been created by the person as he or she is developing his or her unique characteristics. A shadow self is not by all means negative characteristics it is the opposite of what a person believes is right. It is the opposite of one’s self. “The shadow act like a psychic immune system, defining what is self and what is not self” (Zweig and Abrams 325). What Zweig and Abrams is trying to explain is that the…

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