The Shadow Of The Galilean Essay

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Gerd Theissen, a German Protestant theologian and New Testament Scholar is also a Professor of New Testament at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He is the author in the narrative theology, The Shadow of the Galilean: the Quest for the Historical Jesus in Narrative Form. This book follows a fictional account from the character Andreas, who is on a quest to find Jesus and who He is. Although Andreas is fictional he is accurately historic and the narrative takes second so that the historical setting drives the overall story. As the book follows Andreas around it illustrates a story of the true events, teachings, and life of Jesus and the life of those around Him, such as Pilate and Herod Antipas, from a historical perspective. Theissen fully explores the social and historical context of Jesus and His actions in this book. This book is a great source that conveys the story of the Gospel. Beginning in Jerusalem, Andreas a Jewish merchant from Sepphoris happens to get caught up in a demonstration against Pilate the prefect. The Roman official, Metilius, seized Andreas and threw him in prison. While there, he was interrogated for the suspicion of being in the demonstration and on any information he knows. Pilate sees Andreas as a useful tool for insider information and imperiously ‘blackmails’ him into choosing between being prosecuted and further imprisonment for his suspected ties to rebels, Bannus and Barabbas, or gathering information about the various Jewish movements…

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