The Sexuality Of The Female Body By Janet Lee Essay

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It has already been understood that women experience sexualization more often than men. However this does not mean that men do not face sexualization, but it means that men does face the same rate and level of sexualization like women. It is blatantly understood and debated upon in the world of comics. It can be seen from a character’s costume to that character’s performance in the scene whether he or she is rescuing someone or is the one being rescued. In modern times, the realm of comic have prospered from only being on paperback to transferring onto the live screen. Comic book characters are accessible to the audience in multiple forms of media. Despite the hyper-sexuality that superheroines face, there is an evolution that they encounter. This evolution reveals how the sexualization of the female superheroes came about. In “Menarche and the (Hetero) Sexualization of The Female Body” by Janet Lee, the author differs by focusing on women’s menarche and how it is intertwined with the women’s sexuality in the male dominated society. Menarche is the first menstrual cycle in women. Usually, women, from different parts of the world, have been clouded by negative attitudes towards their menarche. They have often said that they felt dirty and embarrassed. However, this encourage women to hide the evidence associated with the menarche. The author expresses there is a relationship between child sexual abuse survivors and women who experience menarche due to the feelings and…

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