Essay on The Sexuality Of The Black Female Body

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A young girl named Sarah Bartman crossed the ocean from her home in South Africa to Europe, unknowingly about her future as the Hot en Tot Venus. The Hot en Tot Venus would become a pin point towards understanding the hyper sexuality of the black female body. In the documentary Sarah Bartman, one of the reasons there was such a fascination with her is because scholarly work had described the African people of a different species. The Black female bodied landed on the boundaries between animalistic and human. In reality, Sarah’s body was no different than any other woman’s bodies. Yet, she stood up on a stage day after day being paraded around for her features. She was caged like an animal, and treated as an object. When moved to Paris, Sarah Bartman was tested on and observed by respected scientist. These scholarly scientist goal was to find the smallest anomalies from the width of her thighs to the length of clitoris, in order to prove her genetically difference from humans.
Today, we know that humans no matter their region or outward structural appearance are humans. Yet, the deep seeded notions of who is human still exist within the roots of racism. The question has changed from who is human and who is not, to how much humanity do people exhibit that are not white. This is an extremely dangerous notion, especially for black women. On one end because black women are black they are seen as animal like. Also because black women are women they are seen as being…

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