The Sexual History Of The United States Essay

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When people study history they rarely learn about the sexual history of the United States; and, how it evolved from courting and brothels to dating and prostitution. Love for Sale takes place in New York City, NY, from 1900 to 1945, it journeys through the major events that occurred in the U.S., World War I, Great Depression, and World War II. The author, Elizabeth Alice Clement, is an assistant professor of history at the University of Utah. The central argument of Love for Sale is, “Profoundly shaped by women’s economic inequality and insecurities, all three practices-courtship, treating, and prostitution-reflected the negotiations in which women and men engaged over the economic and social value of sex.” Clement’s purpose is to help the readers understand the transformations courting, treating, and prostitution had in 1900-1945 in New York City. Courting changed radically throughout the early 1900s specifically within the working class and immigrants. Premarital sex was somewhat accepted by the working class if the courting couple were engaged. The loss of reputation and dishonoring the family, were major offences in Italian immigrant households. There were cases in which the man would make false promises of marriage to have sexual intercourse with the woman which was called “seduction under promise of marriage”. Immigrant women were the most vulnerable since they had no family with them, they usually lived in a tenement building with a landlady that would take them…

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