The Sexual Attitudes Scale Is Designed For Measure A Respondent 's Attitude Towards Sex

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The Brief Sexual Attitudes Scale is designed to measure a respondent’s attitude towards sex. Questions such as “I do not need to be commuted to a person to have sex with him/her”, “It is okay to have ongoing sexual relationships with more than one person at a time?”, “Life would have fewer problems if people could have sex more freely.”, and “Sex as a simple exchange of favors is okay if people agree to it” are questions that fall under the distinct subscale of Permissiveness. When researchers asked these questions I believe they were trying to measure the construct of sexual attitudes towards hyper femininity. This distinct subscale along with the construct that researchers are trying to measure is important because understanding these attitudes helps others learn about interpersonal relationships, human development, and family science. To better explain, as a student the importance of this research will help the individual learn the logic behind quantitative and qualitative research. In addition to this information, specific methodologies will help show how research findings can challenge our stereotypes about sexual attitudes in the past and sexual attitudes to this present day ( ). Permissiveness is the habitually characteristically accepting or tolerance of something, as a social behavior or linguistic usage, that others might disapprove or forbid. These questions will provide great insight on how individuals in a certain society view these certain types of attitudes…

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