The Sexual Aspect Of The Disabled People Essay

758 Words Mar 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Personally, I think that sex and disability is an interesting topic because I never curious about the sexual aspect of the disabled people until this section of the class. Growing up, I had never thought that disabled people would be interested in sexual relationship, but that is the limit of my surrounding. Probably how the community I grow up is difficult from how the American society treat their disabled people. From where I grow up, a refugee camp, the disabled people were not treated different from the disabled people in the United States. For example, sometimes, people even made joke out of them. They had a much lesser chance of getting a partner, and they were restricted to go elsewhere. However, from watching many documentary in class, I was shock to know that there are people who work as a sex assistant or sex surrogate. My initial reaction to those profession was discomfort because how could a person possibly use their bodies as a tool to help other people. I never thought that there were professions like that. In contrast, those people who are in those professions are the positive encouragement for the disable people because they could satisfy the disabled people’s needs. After learning more about this topic, my view of them have changed for the most part. Like any other people, they want to have the same experience, such having a committed and sexual relationship with a partner. In reality, the disabled people do not have as much chance as a normal people to…

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