The Sexual Activity Of Adolescents Essay example

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39% of sexually active adolescents have reported to only using a condom sometime if at all, meaning there are high numbers of unprotected sex taking place. With statistics showing that adolescents are not only taking place in sexual activity younger as well as more teens are reporting sexually transmitted infections (STI). A recent study across Australia of adolescents in years 10-12 have shown that 78% of these students have participated in some form of sexual activity, as well as over one quarter of year 10 students and half of year 12 students have experienced sexual intercourse. With a total of 40% students in total reporting they have undertaken sexual intercourse witch has increases by 5% since 2002.
Adolescents are undertaking sexual activity younger than ever therefor sexual active adolescents has an alarming risk of STI’s such as HIV, unwanted pregnancies as well as unsafe abortions. These growing risks are being blamed on the education department as teens are having sex younger however are not being educated about the risks involved and how to be safe until later in their education, meaning adolescents taking place in sexual activity are highly uneducated in the risk they are taking and growing numbers of adolescents are undertaking in unprotects sex for the main reason of they simply do not know what actions to take to be safe and the risks that are involved when safe sex is not practiced. With 5% of sexually active adolescents reporting taking place in sexual…

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