Essay about The Sexist Stereotype Of Women

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The sexist stereotype of women not working as hard as men causes girls to feel inferior. Women are often encouraged or just expected to be home makers and clean, cook, and raise the children. Although this work is viewed as subordinate, their work is still just that – hard work. In “A Question of Class”, Dorothy Allison tells the reader, “when the women in my family talked about how hard they worked, the men would spit to the side and shake their heads” (Allison 1). This example shows how women are looked at as inferior since domestic work is not considered real work by society, while the men work outside of the home and bring home the money. This ties into Allison’s Bastard out of Carolina because although the women worked hard to support their large families by cleaning and cooking, they did not get the same credit that the men did. Bone described, “my aunts treated my uncles like overgrown boys… they looked young, while the aunts… seemed old, worn-down, and slow, born to mother, nurse and clean up after the men” (Allison 23). Bone’s observations of the gender roles in her community negatively impacted her self-esteem. She noticed how tired and unhappy the women were at working so hard and not getting any credit. She did not want her future to be like that and was forced to feel out of place with no where to turn. Bone wished to be a man so as to not be trapped in the life of being born to be a mother (Allison). These gender roles are still present today and play a…

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