Essay on The Sex Offender Registration And Notification Act

1684 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
Sex offenders are disgusting people who should spend the rest of their life rotting in a cell. They deserve the most rigorous and cruel sentences, because not only do they rape innocent people, but sometimes they even go as far as murdering them. There have been laws passed cracking down on sex offenders. One of the most important is the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA), which gives punishment depending on the level of the crime. Congress should still be harder on sex offenders, not even allowing them to choose where they reside or work. Letting them live in public places where children socialize is begging them to relapse. Sex offenders relapsing would just lead to another missing or damaged child, when the whole situation can be avoided by them staying in prison.
So many young children get murdered or destroyed by sickening sex offenders. It’s the people least expected to be sex offenders. There are always news about how popes take advantage of young boy. Popes are not allowed to have sex, but if they were its guaranteed to decrease the sexual abuse. The younger boys have to live with the fact a superior has taken advantage of them. It is truly disgusting that popes are looked up to by their people yet behind closed doors they do evil deeds. People have even admitted that if they were able to have sex the abuse would be distinguished, but there values won’t bring them to change. So they’d prefer the pope to not have sex and continue to…

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