Essay The Sex Of Their Offspring Before The Child Is Conceived

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Due to the modern accomplishments in research, couples can now preselect the sex of their offspring before the child is conceived. Ironically, with this massive breakthrough, there are criticism towards the idea of choosing a child’s gender. While this topic may be an interesting debate, parents should not be allowed to choose the sex of their child. There is some favorable outcome with giving parents the option of choosing, but there are even more consequences that arise from this topic. One reason that this concept is agreed upon is the idea of gender selection allow couples to have control over family size. Ideally, couples prefer to have one boy and one girl. Gender selection provides the family a child of each sex and there will be no need to reproduce again and again in order to get a child of the opposite sex (Dahl, 2007). Constant reproduction to get a child of the opposite sex can result in couples having a big number of children and possibly having no child of the opposite gender. By letting the parents control the number of children they raise, there will be more resources that can be divided among the number of offspring. Not only can couples grip the size of their household, parents can also protect their offspring from certain illnesses.
The greatest support on this topic is the power to extinguish genetic diseases that is passed on to the child because of their gender. It is argued that choosing to have a male offspring or a female offspring is not…

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