The Seventh Man Short Story Summary

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I believe that people in life-or-death situations should be held accountable for their actions. The cause of the person being in these situations is usually their fault, although sometimes it is not. There are many situations that a person in a life or death situation should be held accountable for their actions. One scenario is in “The Seventh Man” when K and his friend chose to go out to the water in the middle of a storm. That situation was completely on them and they had the choice of staying in their house or going to the water, but they chose to go to the water. Another scenario was in “The Moral Logic of Survival Guilt.” The people who felt guilt in this story did not have to feel it if they did not do anything wrong. Also, The soldiers in the story got to choose their occupation and what they do so having a friend pass is part of the job and it happens. The final scenario of why a person should be held accountable for their action comes in the story called “The Value of a Sherpa Life.” Sherpas die everyday due to their job and although this is a tragic event, these people picked their job and chose to be a Sherpa. Those are some scenarios on why I accredit people in …show more content…
Sherpa’s get payed between 2-6k a year and risk their life. Sherpa’s put themselves in life-or-death situations by choice and did not have to choose this occupation. Although dying while on the job is a tragic event, these people got to pick their jobs and knew what they were doing by helping people climb a mountain. If someone was that scared of being put in a life-or-death situation, then they should not of picked the job as a sherpa. Sherpa’s do not get payed very well to put their life on the line and chose to be what they are and do what they do. I believe people in this type of life-or-death situation should be held accountable for their

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