Essay on The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

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Leadership means more than being promoted into a position of authority. Leaders are people whom inspire others to achieve more than they would have on their own and work cohesively with a team (Garneau, Zerwerkh, 2015). The seven habits of highly effective people discusses how someone can become a leader not only to others, but how to become a leader in their own life (Covey, 2013). The seven habits of highly effective people has very similar aspects to the dynamics of transformational leadership theory, that if the leader changes themselves and exemplifies what they want out of their followers they will have positive results (Garneau, Zerwerkh, 2015). These two items will contribute to making an effective leader in many nursing roles and effect my own personal growth within leadership. The seven habits of highly effective people looks at seven different components of how a person can be effective in personal life and business life (Covey, 2013). The first three habits and the seventh are ways that an individual can become their own personal leader of their own life (Covey, 2013). The first habit is to “be proactive”; this habit is the idea that an individual can choose their own path (Covey, 2013). By being proactive and choosing one’s own path they can take responsibility and be proud of their actions, changing themselves for the better from the inside out (Covey, 2013).
The second habit is “beginning with the end in mind” it is the concept of knowing what the end…

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