The Seven Habits By Stephen Covey Essay

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Stephen Covey proposes that there are seven habits that can be learned to improve one’s personal and interpersonal effectiveness. I completely agree all seven habits Stephen has written in this book, throughout the book Covey shares his own personal experiences instead of imagining situations you may be in, it is easier for the readers to relate to our everyday circumstances. I found there are particular areas of each habit to be more influential or relatable to my life.

Listening to our language
The way we chose to speak in normal conversation, formal presentations, and meetings contributes to our own perception as well as other’s perception about our education, competence, and professionalism. The words we say and the way we say them tell a lot about who we are. In the first habit Covey talks a little bit about listening to our language with reactive language versus proactive language. Covey asked a student “You have to go, or you choose to go?” (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 1989, p. 86). When I have to be somewhere or complete a task, I’ve never concluded that it was a choice I made, but rather more of an obligation that 's been forced, and I was unaware some of the words I choose I’m victimizing myself and blaming others for my problem I was so unaware of. Changing a few words, I use in my everyday life have improved my outlook.

Balance Beam
Its very easy to to fall in quadrant 1 in the time management matrix. I like to procrastinate on tasks that have…

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