The Seven Dimensions Of Wellness Essay

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Seven dimensions of wellness include social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical. Like pieces of a puzzle these seven dimensions are pieced together to complete our whole well-being. It’s important to address each dimension in order to succeed in having a high quality of life.
“Social health is the ability to relate effectively to other people such as family members, intimate partners, friends, fellow students or workers, professors, and supervisors” (Nevid p. 4). It’s nearly impossible to go through your life without a plethora of social interactions dozens of times each day. Conversing with other people is a necessity in order to get anything done. A lack of social well-being can result in depression and it can lead to a failure to complete basic tasks depending on the severity of the depression and/or social anxiety.
Emotional health includes “the ability to maintain our emotions on an even keel, to share them with others, to feel good about ourselves and the future, to be generally happy, to manage stress, and to believe we can meet the demands of daily life” (Nevid p. 4). I do feel that emotional health can be considered one of my weaknesses. I tend to feel strongly about a lot of things and sometimes that is harmful to my well-being. I have a difficult time coping with the stress of daily life and I have been diagnosed with anxiety and have been on and off prescription drugs for the majority of my adult life. Managing stress…

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