Essay on The Settlement Of British Colonialists

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The settlement of British colonialists in Australia had massive impact to the local indigenous people mainly the Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders. Prior to the arrival of the colonialists, the indigenous people had distinct cultural beliefs and practice especially the value of family ties. The main source of food was hunting and gathering for the Aboriginals and fishing for the Torres Strait Islanders where clans hunted and gathered as a team for their families. The indigenous people also owned land and property. This was however altered after the arrival and settlement of the British colonialists. During the process of the British settlement, many Aboriginals lost their lives and displaced to places far away from their ancestral lands. As a result of rapid extinction of the indigenous people, the government introduced the protection laws whereby their argument was to ‘protect’ the depletion of the indigenous people. Several policies that were implemented during the protection period however, led to drastic impact to the indigenous people and such impacts are experienced by the native people to date.
The protection period was marked with restrictive policies which the government thought could be used to protect the Aboriginals from being depleted. With massive deaths of the aboriginals, there were concerns that the locals were likely to become extinct as they were regarded as a dying race if no measures were put into place to protect their welfare. They were exposed…

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