The Setting Created By Burton Essay

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3. The setting created by Burton is a major part of the story, almost as important as the characters depicted. This film shows us that fairy tales can take place in a modern setting. Explain, using examples from the film, with reference to Burton’s personal iconography. (Describe the two worlds depicted in Edward Scissorhands. *How do lighting, colour, contrast, and shape influence our understanding of each of these worlds? * How do the characters’ costumes emphasise the contrast between these two worlds add to our understanding of the story and the themes being communicated. * How are the two worlds connected through the characters of Edward and Kim? * When Tim Burton described the suburb in which he grew up, he said that there was “no sense of history, no sense of culture, no sense of passion for anything; just a sterile, boring environment”. How does the description apply to the town in Edward Scissorhands?)

In the film, Edward Scissorhands, there are many different characteristics between how the lighting and colours influence scenes of the movie, such as, Edwards dark, gothic mansion. Edward’s mansion has a gothic influence and has dark and bland lighting, we are shown the gothic feel of Edward’s mansion when Peg goes up the old dark staircase to the large dark room where she discovered Edward hiding in a dark corner. Peg was frightened when Edward came toward her with his Scissorhands moving, which Peg thought were weapons until she discovered a scared, shy being…

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