The Service Of The Driving Training School Essay

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Exclusive summary
The DTS or acknowledged as the Driving training school permits individuals learning to drive. The service of the driving training school is divided into the practical and the theoretical training for drivers. The greatest part in running the DTS is the gap in the market, where there is less competition and no specific concentration although there is a demand for the service. Throughout the report, I will be discussing the financial aspects, the operations and marketing strategies, and the human relations. Although there is a market gap in consumer’s needs, my target audience is people over 18 although under 16 can still undergo a theoretical practice. In addition to the basic goal of making profit through the business, my business has also contributed in reducing car accident through following the government safety and procedures.
Business name
The new business to be established is known as DTSC (driving training school centre). It is a modified business which has been commonly operated by individual driving trainers in scattered way. Its unique services to provide services to a target customers of 18 years and over. The service which will be given by DTSC is divided into practical and theoretical training. The business will be established on the premises that many people whose age 18 years and over require licence to go to job and schools and need a training centre which let them achieve their goals with reasonable price as compared to individual…

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