The Service Delivery Systems : The Medical Model, And The Public Health Model

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Introduction The helping professions are designed to exactly that; help people. There are several systems and ways that people can be helped, depending on the situation. In the case of Lia Lee, a curveball of culture was thrown in. Although all of the service delivery systems were used to help her, there were times when not enough was done to help close the cultural divide between Lia’s parents and her doctors. In the case of Lia, although there were many people who worked hard to give her the best care despite the cultural differences and confusion, there were areas that could have been improved to give this girl better care. Every patient deserves the same care and communication, despite what culture and language barriers may be between them.
Service Delivery Systems There are three major service delivery systems: the medical model, the human service model, and the public health model. All of these models are different ways in which those in the human services professions interact with and help their patients. Each of the models is guided by a specific meaning, or moral. In Lia’s case, as is the case with most people, a combination of the delivery systems are used in real life cases. The medical model is what most Americans think of when they imagine getting treatment from a doctor. They are sick, they are a patient, and the doctor treats them, eventually looking to cure them (Woodside and McClan, 2009). The basis of the medical model relies on the fact that a person…

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