Essay about The Servant By James C. Hunter

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The Servant The Servant written by James C. Hunter, revolves around what it means to be a good leader. What makes a leader a great leader? Through the story, John Daily attends a seminar and meets a monk. Soon after, John realizes the true fundamentals that lay the foundation for leadership, as well as their applications. Upon reading the book, one can derive three different leadership skills that can be applied to being a good manager: difference between power and authority, service and sacrifice, and the “will” skill. First off, the book demonstrates the difference between power and authority. Power is the ability to force or coerce others into doing one’s will. On the other hand, authority is the ability to influence others into doing one’s will because of personal influence alone. A good manager should follow the path of authority and not power. Having authority as a manager portrays that he or she has influence over others without having to implement force to get things done. James C. Hunter stated, “authority cannot be bought or sold, given or taken away” (31), meaning that authority is a part of the individual and displays the individuals influence over those around him. In addition, Authority is a relationship builder unlike power, because authority does not use force to get things done but instead one’s personal influence. Furthermore, power can be stripped away from one by someone replacing them or being placed above them in the organizational structure. In…

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