The Servant By James C. Hunter Essay examples

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The Servant by James C. Hunter provides a foundation and an understanding of true leadership. Through the lives of John Daily and five other struggling leaders on a retreat, Hunter uses Brother Simeon to explain the principles of servant leadership, which causes John and the others to reflect deeply on their character, trust, and commitment. Creating and deepening the principles described by Brother Simeon will enhance one’s leadership perspective and will prove to be beneficial for a school principal. “Leadership is the skill of influencing people to work enthusiastically toward goals identified as being for the common good” (Hunter, 2012, p 28). To influence people, you must build authority, which is done when you identify and meet the needs of others. As a leader, you must be able to differentiate between power and authority. Power uses coercion and force, which has as negative connotation, but on the other hand, with authority, the task is willingly accomplished because you asked. Having authority is to have a positive influence on others. Leadership begins with will, or how a leader is able to meet the needs of those around him. When a leader serves and sacrifices for those who work for him, he builds authority and influence. This new idea about leadership requires a paradigm, or shift in the way of looking at leadership. Servant leadership, the focus of Brother Simeon, is getting things accomplished through the efforts of others. Of all leadership principles…

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