The Sermon On The Mount Essay

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Intro beatitude

Now we come to what the Christian world calls the Beatitudes.


The Sermon on the Mount is probably one of the most famous texts of the New Testament.
The first part of the Sermon on the Mount is called the Beatitudes. We find them in Matthew 5, and Luke 6, these writers covers them in a slightly different way. Mark & John has nothing to say about them.

When we come to the 5th chapter of Matthew, Matthew Begins with Jesus and his disciples climbing a small hill somewhere around Capernaum. But the exact location is not positive. Today this ancient site of Capernaum, which tradition reports to have been the place near where this sermon was delivered, and is called today, the Mount of Beatitudes.

We find Jesus meeting with his disciples and a large group that followed. His followers was not just from Galilee, but Decapolis, Judea, Jerusalem, and from Syria.
His meeting is different than from those of the Scribes and Pharisees who preferred meeting in public places to be seen of men.
As the sermon begins, we see Him teaching the great multitudes that were following. Luke also records that He was preaching to "great multitudes" and "innumerable multitudes".

Almost all artists portray Him with a multitude of people.
This sermon looks as though it was a sermon intended for His disciples.
When Jesus began His sermon on the Mount, He gave eight declarations of blessings.…

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