Essay on The Sermon, A Divine And Supernatural Light

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Jonathon Edwards wrote the sermon “A Divine and Supernatural Light” to preach to the people that God alone can give you the Spirit to be able to discern the Gospel. Edwards preached rationally and biblically on the matter of spiritual knowledge to understand the bible. Edwards breaks down this idea in steps of, the blessing of Peter, God is the author of all power, and power of a divine light, biblically and rationally.
Blessing of Peter
The sermon starts with the blessing of Peter. Peter is blessed because he knew that Jesus was Lord. Edwards states “Happy art thou, that art so distinguished as to know the truth in this matter.” Peter distinguished and blessed because he knows who the Lord is. In addition God has revealed himself to Peter. Edwards writes that Peter was distinguished above Scribes and Pharisees. This is evidence of him being blessed. Another piece of evidence for him being blessed is that God gave him knowledge above what normal flesh and blood can reveal.
Author of All
In addition, the next part of the sermon is that God is the Author of all. There is a positive side and a negative side to this, God is the author of it all, but it is not revealed through flesh and blood. Edwards goes on to show that God is the author of all and he controls our life. Even if you work in the secular business God has given you the skills needed to work. God shows this in Exodus 28:3 and Edwards’s draw on that verse to show that we do not have morals and abilities without…

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