Essay on The Serious Heroin Problem Of Camden County, New Jersey

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The Serious Heroin Problem in Camden County, New Jersey

First, heroin abuse has significantly increased in the past decade in New Jersey, and the rate is still rising these years. Stephen Stirling published a drug abuse summary on which states that “At least 781 people died of heroin-related overdoses in New Jersey in 2014, marking the fourth straight year the total has increased” (Stirling, “Herointown, N.J.”). Second, the heroin death-rate in Camden County per 100,000 is 20.3%, not only exceeds that in New Jersey, which is 8.3%, but is almost ten times than the national average which is 2.6% (Stirling, “Herointown, N.J.”).

Since 2004, among all heroin-related deaths (5217) recorded in New Jersey, there are 591 happened in Camden County, which is 11.6% of the total number of recorded deaths. This number also marks Camden as the “druggest” county in New Jersey. In the “druggest” county, heroin abuse rate is the highest compared with other drugs. There is a report published in 2014 showing that among all substance abuse in Camden County, heroin abuse administration is the highest, accounting for approximately 40% of the total, followed by 27.5% Marijuana abuse and 17.5% alcohol abuse. More importantly, the illegal use and abuse of heroin coming from those who are under 25 years old is account for 21.6% of the 40% (New Jersey Department of Human Resources).

All of these data is showing that something should be done to change it. Prevention program and education are…

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