The Sequence Of Development That Children Go Through Essay

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The sequence of development that children go through consists of five aspects: 1. Physical
2. Social, behavioural and moral
3. Cognitive
4. Communication and language
5. Emotional
It is important to look at child development from a holistic perspective, as each aspect of development is inherently interlinked with each of the other aspects. While every child will follow the same developmental sequence, they will not necessarily do so at the same rate.
Physical Development:
Babies to toddlers - 0-3 years:
Babies and toddlers develop very rapidly moving from relying on reflex actions, such as latching on and grasping things, to having greater control over their movements very quickly.
By the age of one most babies are beginning to crawl and roll over unaided and are developing greater control over their physical movements. In their second year their limbs grow quickly, their centre of gravity changes, and they start to walk. Their physical control also improves meaning they can begin to feed themselves and have a greater ability to hold things so may start to draw or colour in as well as playing with larger bricks and toys.
Their fine motor skills develop further in their third year allowing them to make recognisable marks when drawing or play with jigsaws, and their ever-improving gross motor skills lead to them walking and running with greater confidence and they are able to more easily manoeuvre stairs.
Formative years – 3 – 12 years:
Children start to develop greater…

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