The Separation Of Powers And The Checks And Balances Essay

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As the well-educated and informed citizens of this great nation, we would know that the separation of powers and the checks and balances between the three branches of the government‒the legislative, the executive, and the judicial‒uphold the democracy that the United States of America loves to boast about. However, there is one more pillar that upholds this democracy. Acting like a watchdog, the media acts as the fourth, overall check on the powers and actions of the government as they closely monitor and report on the government and its officials. Acting like a buffer zone and a link, media connects the government to the private sector of the people. This is the duty of the media to the people.
American political writer and reporter, Walter Lippman, claims that the job of the media is to “provide a picture of reality upon which the citizen can act.” Unfortunately, these pictures are often edited, cropped, framed, disproportionated, or even a combination of the above.
The link is decaying, rotting. Journalism is decaying, rotting.
The first signs of decay start to appear around the Vietnam War. When news reporters and writers in Vietnam send home horrifying images of civilians, children, burned by US napalm droppings and overall negative results on the American side of the war, the government gets concerned at the increase in anti-war sentiment and undermining of American patriotism and trust in the government. Then a few years after the end of the war, the Pentagon…

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