Essay on The Separation Of A Happy Marriage

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The affair makes Shagun experience pain of separation, divorce, re-marriage, frustration, distress and sufferings. She becomes an epitome of fractured identity at various levels. The two children, Arjun and Roohi, become the ‘sandwich’ between two mothers and two fathers. No one understands children’s pain and emotional trauma. Shagun always brainwashed Arjun against his father that makes Arjun to hate his father. She denied becoming submissive for herself to the traditional values and chose to lead free, autonomous life. However, she forgets about her children’s traumas that were in extreme need of father and mother’s love, care and attention. Both Shagun and Raman fail to understand each other and now the situation worsen. Raman and Shagun both realize the uselessness of hope of promising future in nuptial tie. The sacred bond of a happy marriage gets broken in the form of infidelity.
Though the marriage of Raman and Shagun was traditional arranged marriage, they have individual views about life. Shagun is a very beautiful woman who wants the separate identity from her family while Raman is a brilliant and practical man who believes in the concept of family. These prospects make Raman rather practical and put the marriage on stake. He spends long hours, working for a successful company that manufactures soft drinks. It is the beginning of globalization, and rising Indian enterprises are projecting their business round the country and abroad. At the beginning of the story,…

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