The Separation Between The Fantastic And The Real Essay

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The Separation between the Fantastic and the Real in the Stories of Julio Cortázar

Throughout the following research paper, we will develop the literary analysis of the stories "The night face up” “After lunch” “The Axolotl” and “Cefalea” by Julio Cortazar. I chose this author because we can enjoy his literature in which reality is transformed into fantasy, which catches us and forces us to interpret it.
The author chosen belongs to the "boom" of Latin American literature. That is why his style is avant-garde and uses surrealism as the only way to represent reality. The main characteristic of his fantastic narrative is the application of unusual and suggestive elements; always part of daily situations combined with paranormal situations. Some of his stories originate in dreamlike elements, as in the case of "The night face up". Another feature that is reflected in all his stories is that his works are complex, so the reader is trapped and must rebuild. Furthermore, it seems to include part of his personal life as the author had a rough childhood and spent many hours in bed.
In "The Night Face Up”, two stories are described simultaneously. The first story describes how a man leaves a hotel driving his motorcycle, while driving he observes buildings and houses. Suddenly, a woman crosses his path, they have an accident and he shreds an arm. The protagonist loses his sense and when he awakes from the fainting, he is entering a hospital. They have bandaged him…

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