The Senses Challenge By The British Broadcasting Company Essay

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I participated in the senses challenge supplied by the British Broadcasting Company to test my abilities and regards to my main sensory modalities. I achieved 100%, my first try, on the test. I was not surprised by the fact of my grade as the test was easy for me. The easiness isn 't due to the inability to accurately conduct the senses challenge online or the gullibility of the test taker but due to the fact I was raised in a sensory enhancing environment. The North Dakota environment influenced each of my senses in a positive enhancing matter that still affects me to this day. Growing up in the rural areas of North Dakota as a child I have been given plenty of opportunities of enhancement in regards to my five senses of touch, smell, hearing, taste, and sight. It is very cold, to say the least, where I was raised; temperatures average 20 degrees below zero. The 20 degrees below zero does not include the -30 degree wind chill; I was raised and -50 degrees below zero temperatures. Having to embrace the freezing winds of my hometown, I had to learn to adapt. The adaptation of my senses of the cold has increased my abilities to decipher unique aspects of certain situations or things according to each individual sense. The first sense I will explain is "touch" for physical sensation as I like to consider it to be. When you are in situations where the outside conditions, sometimes inside, are life and death circumstances, you learn to get used to it real quick or else you…

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