The Sense You Could Live Without 5 Sense Analysis

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The Sense You Could Live Without The five senses: taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight, are the things that make life worth living. They are what illuminate and diversify life. Sight is a truly remarkable sense, as is hearing. These two senses allow you to be aware of everything that is going on around you. The sense of touch allows you to be able to describe your surroundings. Words like soft, rough, smooth, hard, etc., would be nonexistent without the sense of touch. The sense of smell and taste go hand in hand, without smell you can’t really taste, and if you didn’t have taste what’s the point of smell? Every sense has its specific role and duty in the body, taking away a sense would be like taking away a limb. Each and every sense allows you to essentially live life to the fullest, and to have to live life without one of these senses would be living very differently. I personally don’t think I could give up my eyesight or hearing just …show more content…
Unlike losing sight or sound, a person wouldn’t have to make adjustments at home, school, or work for smell. I would still be able to drive, and read and listen in school/ work. The sense of smell would not directly affect how you live your everyday life. Being a soccer fanatic, losing a sense of smell would not hurt my abilities, versus if I’d lost my sight. It would be easy to get used to not smelling any aromas, it would not impede on everyday life. The sense of smell would be the easiest to lose in my opinion. To lose your hearing would require speech help after a while, and training your eyes to lip read, and possibly learning sign language. Losing your sight would require the learning of brail, and how to walk around without hitting everything. You would have to learn how to redo everything you had ever learned, which personally is just too difficult. If I’m going to lose a sense then it would be better to just lose the easiest one;

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