The Sensation Of Significant Hearing Loss Essay

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Throughout life all of us will encounter or know a person with a disability, whether it be our neighbours, family members, teachers or friends (Bullock, Mahon, & Killingsworth, 2010). Disabilities span over a wide range of conditions, often impacting a person in many different areas of life (Bullock et al., 2010). This could range from varying degrees of severity, such as vision loss, psychological and emotional difficulties, physical limitations, cognitive limitations, or significant hearing loss (Bullock et al., 2010). For my chosen disability I decided to experience the sensation of significant hearing loss, with the goal of gaining an understanding of how it feels to be completely toned out from a world that relies heavily on communication. In order to simulate this I used a heavy duty pair of ear plugs to recreate a moderate hearing loss of about 56 – 70 db. This gave me the effect of only understanding loud conversations that were directed towards me within a small distance, causing me to exhibit speech errors and limited vocabulary (Bullock et al., 2010). To experience the feeling of a hearing impairment, which is notably one of the most common disabilities among Americans according to Bullock et al., I went out into the community and went about my normal routines.
For the hour I made errands around my community that were second nature to me normally, but soon realised how different my perspective became without one of my five important senses. Using the 4D approach…

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