The Senior Year Of High School Essay example

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In the senior year of high school many students find themselves stressing over the decision of what they want to be when they grow up. There are a lot of choices that have to be made prior to graduation in order to have a well thought out plan; unfortunately, there is an abundance of pressure thrown upon high school seniors to have those life choices well thought out and made up. The most accepted way of doing things is for the student to go to college, get a degree, and become a competitor in the real world work force. The problem with this is that when these students are only seventeen to eighteen years old and are being asked to make a decision on a career when the mind is not even close to being fully developed, it leads to a change in career choice, wasting time, effort, and money along the way. What if the student could have an extra few years to save money, make a decision, and become a more well rounded person? They can, if they decide on an option that is too commonly overlooked, the Army. Making the decision to join the military as a young man or woman can most definitely be a tough one, as is any life choice. With that comes a process; surprisingly enough the student is not automatically in just by saying they want in. The first step is to talk to a recruiter. This person will sit down and make sure it is truly what the student wants; if the student is infact serious about it, a meeting with parents is scheduled where all questions and/or concerns from parents…

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