The Senior That Had A Mindset Of An Elementary Student Essay

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The Senior that had a Mindset of an Elementary Student
When you are continuously learning English and the proper way of writing it since you were a little munchkin sitting in the desks that lifted up to hold your crayon boxes, you would have thought you would have mastered it by the time your ready to graduate high school. In my case, during my senior year, I was still writing like I deserve stamps and recess if I behaved that day. Well, not that badly, but I wasn’t displaying all the skills I learned from the long, boring lectures I sat through everyday for the past ten years.
Have you ever written something that you were so confident about, but someone else falls asleep reading it, turn the paper over, or even just stare at you speechless? Imagine how it feels for your work to be looked at as if you are an amateur to writing. Remember them times as a child in the second grade when people were reading to you but you thought it was so stupid because you couldn’t understand it? Then, when you got to middle school and learned all those big words it began to make sense. Would you appreciate the criticism or would you have angry thoughts in your mind and begin questioning whom that person thought they were commenting on your piece of work? I personally accepted the constructive criticism and made the changes to enable a better piece of writing.
As valedictorian of my graduating class I was entitled to creating a speech that will be given during the commencement ceremony. I…

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