The Senior Dance Majors Of San Diego State University Essay

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On a Sunday afternoon, November 22nd 2015, the senior dance majors of San Diego State University presented their senior capstone choreographies. inC. was a collection of five dance pieces set in and around the ENS 200 Studio Theater. Each piece offered audience members an opportunity to see what the four seniors were able to create, contribute, and complete in their time spent at the university. Within inC. three moments reifying the historical concepts of cross-viewing, ephemerality, and performativity, have stealthily trickled down lineages and regions of learning to assist in creating, training, and transforming.
“Raw Armor” the first piece in the concert, featured the work of Mario Jaimes. The last section of the piece featured the poem “Vulnerability” written by Hannah Bauer and spoken gracefully by dancer Artem’a Davis. The female dancers stood in a straight line facing the audience with dim overhead lighting. Words of the poem flowed out of Davis’ mouth and traveled throughout the line of dancers, influencing their movements, as though the words were hands upon their bodies. At the mention of ‘vulnerable’ dancer Sam Chizek, dressed plainly in a grey long sleeve and grey leggings, slowly softened from her vertical alignment into a solemn slouch. Her slouch continued to descend into kneeling as though a weight was placed upon her back that gained heaviness over time. Cross-viewing can be practiced while studying this movement. Audience members were diverse and numerous…

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