The Seneca Falls Convention: The Declaration Of Sentiments And Resolutions

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I chose to look at the document from the Seneca Falls Convention which included The Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions. This document details the time leading up to and the outcome of the Seneca Falls Convention. Part of this document was detailing how the Convention came to be, by whom, and how it went. The main points of the Convention and the Declaration was to demand rights for women, particularly rights to be seen equal, as God intended, the right to vote, and the right in religious and social areas. Lucretia Mott along with her sister Martha C. Wright, and two other women, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Mary Ann McClintock, decided to make their thought of a women 's convention a reality. It was a lot to chew off, there were many bumps and many things to learn. In the end they were able to make their work pay off, along with help from others. They …show more content…
The overarching point that was trying to be made was a woman 's right to be equal to a man. "...woman is man 's equal, was intended to be so by the Creator..." There was many aspects of society that were unequal and that benefit men while doing harm to women. This right to equality, by these women, was believed to be the will of God. Since it was God 's intention, His law, it was higher then that of the law of man. This also meant the people had a right to go against any government that violated these rights or that didn 't protect these rights. This inequality was enforced through many different ways. On a daily bases they dealt with being forced into subordinate positions in all social aspects. Women weren 't being allowed to participate in the public affairs of the church. This was something that was very important in their lives, something they were passionate about, and that they wanted to devote themselves too. It was a suppression in their right to religion by men. Social

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