Essay on The Seneca Falls Convention And New York

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In 1848, the first women 's rights convention took place in Seneca Falls, New York. Three hundred women attended the convention to achieve equal rights in society. As an illustration women in the 1840’s couldn’t vote, own property, have custody of their children after a divorce or even share the same religious rights as their male counterparts. Thus, leading to the Seneca Falls Declaration. The Seneca Falls Declaration shared a similar style to the Declaration of Independence except that it demanded civil liberties to women. The significance of the Seneca Falls Convention was that it prepared the agenda for future women rights movements. Not only did it pave the way for future women rights movements but it also caused many other conventions similar to the Seneca Falls Convention to sprout up around the country. During the first term (1801-1805) of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, he purchased the territory of Louisiana. To begin with, Spain acquired control of the terrain from France in 1763 and was in control of the area during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency. As a result, all agricultural products that shipped down the Mississippi river, and out of the New Orlean’s ports had a modest tariff place on them by Spain. Eventually, Spain struck a deal with France regarding the Louisiana territory. In other words, Spain would return control of the territory to France with the exception that the French weren’t allowed to trade the area unless they had permission from…

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